So this is julia,
julia and i are so so close and this was taken on what i would say is to be the best day of my life which is soundwave sydeny 2013 when we were waiting for bullet for my valentine to start and poured down.
this day was amazing as i had meet my idols, got photos, listened to amazing music and best of all just being with people who understood what it means to love music and to even be saved by it. i had run into some of my followers (you guys) and that was the greatest feeling ever to know that you guys actually like my blog and told me to keep going, thank you. I had spent this day with this girl and also a boy called Micheal which i can now call a friend and i am pretty sure i would of never wanted to spend it with anyone else expect these two. thank you so much guys it was amazing

Micheal :
  1. austins-at0ms said: hahahahaha this was also when I put your bag in my shirt and I looked disproportionally pregnant hahahah
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